You have come to the right place. If you…

Are looking for how to get scholarships, fellowships, or internships?

Want to make sure you have the job you want upon graduating?

Are planning to go to college or enter a graduate school program?

Are trying to figure out what you want to do in life?

You need The Academic HustleTM.

As a student, in whatever program you are in from high school to graduate school, you are investing time and money to prepare for opportunities that will develop your career. The Academic HustleTM was created to ensure that you make the most of your investment so you can graduate with great prospects.

  • High School

    High school is one of the most important times to apply The Academic HustleTM.

    Applying The Academic HustleTM in 9th and 10th grade can set you up for entering the college of your dreams with thousands of dollars in scholarships. Or it can ensure you are a competitive candidate for anything you do once you graduate.

    For those in 11th and 12th grade, The Academic HustleTM can give you step-by-step guidance on how to apply to scholarships, colleges, or jobs. Moreover, it will give you what you need to do to be successful in any higher education program.

  • College

    College costs. A lot. It is a major investment of time and money. The Academic HustleTM shows students how to make the most of that investment to ensure you get a return on it.

    Applying The Academic HustleTM from the beginning will ensure that you are in the right program for your career goals, help you figure out what you can do outside of class to build your resume, and begin to develop relationships that will open the doors to unimaginable opportunities.

    As you get closer to graduation, The Academic HustleTM helps you find opportunities to apply to and guides you on how to present yourself as the ideal candidate. If you are in college, knowing The Academic HustleTM will benefit you tremendously.

  • Trade/Vocational School

    Entering into a trade/vocational program can be a very smart idea. Those programs give the certifications you need to enter a profession. However, they rarely give you the experience and relationships you need to thrive once you graduate.

    The Academic HustleTM supplements those programs by showing you what you need to do to build your experience while in the program and how to connect with the right people so you can raise your likelihood of getting a job once you graduate.

  • Graduate Program

    Graduate school is one of the most expensive and intensive things you can do in life. Being very clear on what is the best program for your career goals and how to make the most of it will save you a lot of money and headache.

    The Academic HustleTM helps you identify the best program for your career goals and shows you what you need to do while in school to set yourself up for a job when you graduate.  

  • Doctoral Program

    What you do while getting a doctorate defines your career. The projects you work on, the relationships you build, and the expertise you gain while developing your dissertation narrows your options once you graduate. You become a specialized professional unlike any other.

    The Academic HustleTM shows you the best way to navigate the politics of a doctorate program, helps you figure out the best specialization for your career goals, and how to take full advantage of all the fellowship, research, and post-doctorate opportunities you have available to you.

  • Workshops/Webinars
  • Coaching


Your best introduction to The Academic HustleTM is by attending one of the workshops and webinars we host regularly. Check out the events calendar:

Events calendar

Our most popular workshops are:

  • How to find and apply to scholarships
    Do you need money for school? Are you trying to figure out where are the scholarships for you? Want to know how to submit a winning scholarship application? Then you need The Academic HustleTM trainings. Our program trains participants on how to make the most out of their time in school to become competitive candidates for scholarships, internships, and job offers.

    The insights and methods shared through The Academic HustleTM were distilled from Matthew’s national award-winning research on high-academic achievers and his personal journey of being at-risk of dropping out of high school to earning over $100,000 to graduate magna cum laude from college.

    This particular workshop will show participants how to become a competitive candidates for scholarships, where to find them, and how to put together a winning application.


    • Expose students to various types of scholarship opportunities
    • Learn what is needed to become a competitive candidate for scholarships
    • Show participants where to find scholarship opportunities
    • Discuss the elements of a winning application


    • Discuss how The Academic HustleTM was developed
    • Walkthrough the various types of scholarship opportunities
    • Show participants how to look for scholarships
    • Figure out what it takes to be a competitive candidate for scholarships
    • Detail actions participants can take to put together an award-winning application

  • College freshman’s game plan for scholarships, internships, and job offers
    In college? Need money to pay for school? Want to make sure you have a job upon graduating? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then this workshop is for you. The Academic HustleTM: Freshman’s Guide to Scholarships, Internships, and Job Offers workshop will motivate you to become a competitive candidate for these opportunities and show you how to submit award-winning applications.

    Most students attend college just to get a degree. Many graduate with just that: a piece of paper. However, there are some amazing opportunities that can prepare you for your future AND pay you in the process.

    In this workshop, Matthew shares his story of entering college on academic probation and 100% loans. Then graduating magna cum laude with over $100,000 in scholarships, fellowships, and awards that took him all over the country and the world. Matthew explains the system he developed based upon his personal transformation and national award-winning research on high-achievers.


    • Inspire students to take advantage of college
    • Create a game plan to become a competitive candidate for opportunities
    • Know how to find scholarships, fellowships, and internships


    • Matthew shares his story
    • Discuss the components of The Academic HustleTM
    • Walkthrough the steps that need to be taken to become a competitive candidate for opportunities
    • Show students how to identify opportunities

  • Making the most of high school
    Do your students lack motivation? Want to make sure they are prepared for college? Need info on how to ensure your students are competitive candidates for scholarships? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this workshop is for you. The Academic HustleTM: Making the Most of High School workshop shows students how to take advantage of school and motivates them to do it.

    Many students attend school just because they are supposed to. They don’t see how it relates to their life or prepare them for their future. As a result, most do just enough to pass. Teachers, parents, and many other adults try to stress the importance of taking advantage of school. However, it is largely dismissed.

    In this workshop, Matthew A. Pigatt shares his story of being the kid that did not take school seriously and what made him transform into a high-achiever. He helps students understand the importance of taking challenging classes, earning As, and getting involved in extracurricular activities. These three items are critical to becoming a competitive candidate for higher education, scholarships, and jobs.


    • Inspire students to take advantage of school
    • Explain the significance of enrolling in challenging classes
    • Help students understand why it is important to get As
    • Show students the variety of extracurricular activities that can prepare them for their career


    • Matthew shares his story being the kid that didn’t take school seriously
    • Discuss the philosophy of earning money
    • Overview of The Academic HustleTM
    • Explain how students can use school to set them up for life

  • How to present yourself as the ideal candidate
    Applying to scholarships? Getting ready for an interview? Want to make the most of a college fair? Then you need The Academic HustleTM. Our trainings guide participants on how to identify the opportunities of their dreams and become competitive candidates for them.

    The insights and methods shared through The Academic HustleTM were distilled from Matthew A. Pigatt’s national award-winning research on high-academic achievers, his personal journey of transforming into a high-academic achiever with over $100,000 in funding for his education, and a system refined through years of working with at-risk individuals.

    This particular workshop focuses on one of the Four Pillars of The Academic HustleTM: Your Presentation. The main purpose is show participants how to present themselves to opportunities as ideal candidates.


    • Motivate participants to go after their dreams
    • Know the Four Questions all selection committees ask to evaluate candidates
    • Help participants think through what they have to do to become competitive candidates for opportunities
    • Learn how to research opportunities to identify what they want
    • Know how to present yourself as the ideal candidate


    • Matthew share’s his story of transforming into a high-achiever
    • Understand the four questions that all employers ask potential employees
    • Identify what to do to become a competitive candidate for a job
    • Walkthrough how to research an opportunity
    • Provide examples of how to present yourself as an ideal candidate through an application, interview, or at a college fair.


To take full advantage of The Academic HustleTM, we highly recommend one-on-one or group coaching. Every student’s situations is different. Some students don’t need financial assistance and may just be interested in ensuring they get into a specific program. Others need to make sure they can afford the next semester. Some students are already all-star students and need to bounce a few ideas off someone knowledgeable. Through face-to-face coaching with Matthew A. Pigatt you can get all that and more.

Coaching saves you a lot of time and money because you get to tap into and bounce your ideas off of someone who can quickly zoom in on your specific needs, help you figure out what you need to do, and streamline the process of adapting The Academic HustleTM to your life.

Click on the appropriate button below to set up your free consultation today!

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Coaching options:

  • Open call

    Open calls give you the opportunity to talk about anything you would like to discuss. You can use this time to discuss successes and challenges with applying the material learned, personal issues, ideas that come to mind, or anything you would like. There are no restrictions.

  • Training session

    These sessions are usually 30-60 minute one-on-one training discussions on a specific topic. A typical session is outlined as follows:

    Minutes Section
    5 Greetings
    5 – 10 Discussion on success and challenges
    15 – 30 Lesson for the day
    5 – 15 Guided practice or Q&A
    5 Summary, next steps, and expectations for next session
  • Field excursion

    Field excursions cover a wide range of training sessions that happen in the field. They typically take between 1 – 2 hours. Below are some relevant examples:

    • When discussing time management, it is very helpful to be in a store while identifying tools that work for the you.
    • Visiting a college, pointing out opportunities, and speaking to faculty and staff can give you a hands-on lesson in personalizing The Academic HustleTM.
    • After discussing how to engage decision makers, we may go to a job site  or networking event to practice and receive real-time coaching.

  • Review material

    We are happy to review any material created: cover letters, resumes, essays, applications, speeches, etc. Pricing and turnaround details are determined based upon the document type, number of pages, and words per page.



High school students celebrating

High school
"Matt's the best!"

Its about the students

High School Student
“It was more about informing them about what they could achieve…I liked how it was more about the students than the college they should go to.”

Mother and son

High school
"The biggest thing I liked was how he turned everything around. And that show that there’s hope."

Group of students

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"You showed me that college life is really fun and it was worth something to go and obtain."