“I just experienced The Career HustleTM. It was a great experience for me. It was my first time hearing this information. I thought it was very valuable here with the specific demographic we work with. I think it really connects. I think it’s a powerful message. I think it is a message. We get caught up in some other aspects of starting our careers and getting into our careers. And I think this does a good job of summarizing what those key points that we need to hit on. The key steps makes it very achievable. A lot of times with the students that we work with here at career services, what you find is you have a little bit of a disconnect where they see their goal or they have goals and they don’t necessarily see what it takes to get there. Some of them are a bit naive on what it takes to get there and I think The Career HustleTM very appropriately broke that down, gave them steps they could take, things to focus on, and made that dream achievable. I strongly enjoyed it.”