My Story

Once you have a game plan all you have to do is Hustle. ~Matthew A. Pigatt

The Academic HustleTM is a game plan to scholarships, fellowships, and job offers. It grew out of a yearning to show my community how to get paid to become who they want to be.

thumbnailIf someone told me as a student that I could get paid to become who I want to be, then get paid because of who I have become, I would have thought they were crazy. Now I know better. That is exactly what scholarships, fellowships, and internships do. They pay you to become who you want to be. The end result: you get paid to make more money. I’ll take that offer any day. When I learned about that hustle I went all in, got paid and transformed into someone I never thought possible.

I didn’t come from the college fabric. My mother, the youngest daughter of 12 brothers and sisters, graduated high school with two kids. Despite that, she became the first and only in the family to earn a college degree (it took her twelve years and four colleges to do it too!). While my mother went to school and worked to raise her three boys, I became a juvenile delinquent.

100BlackMenI didn’t take school seriously. I had a 2.1 GPA in high school. It wasn’t because I was dumb. I just didn’t care about school. However, after some traumatic experiences and intense mentorship from the men of the 100 Black Men of South Florida Leadership Academy, I realized that taking full advantage of school would be the best investment I could make. I’m glad I did because the return I received was life-changing.

Morehouse_logoI entered Morehouse College on academic probation and all loans. Which means, if I failed one class or didn’t find the money to pay for school, I would be kicked out. Being kicked out wasn’t an option. Morehouse was a promise land to me. I had to succeed. Therefore, I fell back on what I knew and turned school into my Hustle. Over the course of the next few years I earned over $100,000 in scholarships, fellowships, and internships that took me all over the world.

UCBerkleyWhile getting paid during a summer program at the UC–Berkeley, I began to conduct research on high-achievers and high-academic achievers. I won a few national awards for my research. I began to teach what I learned from my research and personal experience to other students. They got paid. Then I drilled it into my little brother and he earned over $250,000 in scholarships. Now, that system has been packaged just for you. Are you ready to get on The Academic HustleTM?